Posts From October, 2017

Migrate to new server OS

Ok I have fully migrated to Windows Server OS, it wasn't as frustrating as I thought it would be. But still time consuming! Wont even say anything about costs. I'm hoping I can use some of the new options in IIS 10 and a few tweaks here and there to get better page loading and refresh rates. Also in the near future maybe get fatter pipes!

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Information of interest!

Now who's IP could this be?


14 (Ocala,Florida,United States) Ocala, Florida, United States 20 0.55%        
15 (Mountain View,California,United States) Mountain View, California, United States 18 0.50% 16 1.33%    
16 (Redmond,Washington,United States) Redmond, Washington, United States 17 0.47% 7 0.58
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Back up

Yes folks I'm back up and live!

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