I'll give you a little information about myself and my interests, hobbies.

I also want to put one of my business web sites on the Internet for computer support & repairs. As you can see I love to learn anything to do in the IT Field other then programming, programming takes a different type of person!

Some where between school and studies. I also in my spare time enjoy working with other people on computers that someone else could not figure out how to repair or were going to charge too much to do so!
Believe it or not I stay pretty busy at it. Not as busy as I would like, but busy enough where you'll find me in my office or the work shop many times working on a computer or or server for someone.
Some where between school and studies. Where do I start, first I started out in high school to be trained as an auto mechanic. I passed a test in Detroit, Michigan at U of D and received a scholarship for four years of auto mechanics instead of the normal two years. After high school I went to work at Rinke Cadillac in Warren, Michigan as a line mechanic doing general repair and derivability.
From there I went to The General Motors Engineering Center in Warren, Michigan in 1984 first a a mechanic then as a tool maker. I took a early retirement in 2006 and moved to Florida. I must state It was kind of fun at times building a 24 to 30 million-dollar concept car.
Things I'm up too right now! As for right now one of the things I picked up about 9 years ago was the love or should I say habit of computers. After my Mother and Step Father gave me an old XT IBM computer to play with, I fell in love. As of right now I have been taking every class possible in the computer field.
The Gym

My enjoyment with the Gym After 5 years of not going to the gym I am happy to state I have joined a gym here and am going 4 days a week again. Laughing I do miss it not being free any more, but what the hay it is really easy to make excuses and become lazy. Now that this excuse doesn’t work any more I should be getting right back into the thick of it and enjoying the benefits of building a healthy body again. I misplaced my camera so I have to get a new one, that’s ok though being I can now buy a new digital camera and not have to scan my pictures, just upload them right to the site. With all that said I will be throwing pictures on the site bi-monthly showing the progress I am making of working out again.
Just to show that someone can in fact still be in shape. I still have not bought a camera but I’m really not ready anyway, I have put on about 10 good pounds of muscle. I will get that camera soon. Ok the first picture is after four months of being in the gym 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. I will be adding more next month to show the progress. So far I’m in a loose fitting size 36 inch pants. I figure within two months I’ll be back into a size 34. And still weight around 250 pounds. So much for 250 poundsI’m now around 272 pounds and counting as of July 2010. Oh and here is one of the latest pictures from July. Ah a year has gone by and here I am again, well to tell you the truth I have not been as dedicated as I should have but on the other hand I’m not 21 and who cares other then me anyhow. Anyway I have added another 12 pounds of muscle and I look awesome if I say so myself.

I weight in now at about 264 pounds.
Stay turned!

Gym Update



 Ok I got lazy over last year, between hating the gym I was going to and the cocktails by the pool I did in fact get lazy.      But good news for me I have a month credit and the new gym that opened in town and I will be getting off my lazy butt  and start going to the gym again three times a week to start. Can't wait to show you some pictures. Week two of January  should be fun again.

 First of the year I plan on having 22 pounds of muscle by July 4th I'm sure I have set enough time to accomplish this and  still have room for more gains. I'll update with some pictures in July!

 Laughing looking forward to the challenge at my age, lets face it I'm not a young kid any more!

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