After many years of running a BBS (bulletin board system) back in the early 90's,  I decided to close the BBS being everyone had decided to move to the Internet and leave the local BBS community behind. But then after my divorce I needed something to fill my time and learn new and old tricks.
Most likely one of the better things I have done in my life. I have been able to meet many people on the Internet and also through the BBS. The only disappointment with a BBS now is people don't use it as they did back in the 80's and 90's. Back then it was used for the message areas, chat rooms, file areas and also door games.
And believe me I had one lady alone that at times would post 10, 20, 30 or more messages a day. I miss Lady in Red and I hope one day I can catch up with her again, laughing just for old time sake. Also it would be hard to say whom I miss more, but I do miss an old friend from back in the 2400 kps modem days. Red Devil, he and his wife will always hold a spot in my memory and my heart! Hay, RED DEVIL lets play a couple of games of Duke Nukem!
Those were the day's friends!
Now, today about all they want is the door games and door game league, doors. I would have to say that it was more fun back in the day then it is now. But on a good point I think also the sysop's at times are tighter then they were then, at times anyway! Of course you always run into a nut now and then, but of course you do in any part of life.
But even with the changes it doesn't not stop me from running a BBS. I have always enjoyed it and most likely always will till the day I die and even then it will live on being I will give the server & BBS software to someone that is still a sysop or wants to come back to being one.

I remember back in the day you would log onto a bbs, long before the internet and give your real name, real address, real city and phone number. People didn't mind being they wanted to be active in your message areas, door games or file areas. Now a days the person wants to log on and have full access right from the get go. As the Sysop (System Operator) you don't know this person, who he or she is are they going to respect your bbs and it's values to others and the system itself. I myself most likely could have many more people using my BBS but do to the fact that I run a respectful bbs and want to know a little about the person and expect correct user information must internet tweakies don't like my BBS. Now for me that is not a problem being if you do get a abusive person online you can ban that person by name for one or all areas on the bbs. But people never think that your looking out for their well fair as well as yours and the server be it dell, hp, ibm. The (OS) software, money spent on doors alone you run your bbs on. To me it is a no brainer, if you don't want to give your correct user/personal information don't bother coming here.
If your looking for a BBS that runs a clean general use system and a sysop that cares about your time on the site feel free to checkout After Hours BBS, the link is on the home page on the left hand side of the page. See what all the crazyness was about with a bulletin board service and a community of friends before the Internet was open to the public.

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