Of course as you can see one of my main hobbies is anything to do with the computer and information technology field. Be it a desktop, laptop, business workstation or servers running any flavor of server OS software, be it Windows or a linux OS. As of right now I run two Windows Servers, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 R2. I will soon be kicking up another server with Red Hat’s - Fedora linux server OS mainly for a learning tool and keeping up todate with linux.

Oh and let’s not forget my linux firewall, right now was IP Cop. But at times I switch between Smooth Wall and IP Cop.My internal network is 1 gig with two 1000/100/10, 8 port Netgear switches. Going to my ISP is 100 megs a second router to their 12 meg feed. My Internet feed right now is 60 megs downstream and 20 megs upstream. I’m looking forward to upgrading that to fiber optics feed soon as I find the right provider. Also what I have configured and using for my own network and what names of software or hardware I like to reply with when someone asks what they should use. I’ll also talk about Internet gaming, BBS’S now and what it was before the Internet. Friends I have had the joy of meeting through the years on the Internet and also the BBS hobby to this day still talk to now and then!

Laughing, remember now I have had a feed for the Internet dating back to 94, does anyone remember before HTML was approved for a Internet standard and everything was telent with ANSI? I have many hobbies but some of then I’d like to one-day share with my other half that will have to wait though. On the lighter side of life I also want to mention that I could have used Yahoo 360 or Microsoft, but when you run your own servers half the fun is installing and running your own blog or web site!Thank you for taking the time to stay and do a little reading.

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